Is it h1n1 swine flu or the regular flu?


The big question that seems to be on everyone’s mind is:

Do I have the swine flu or the regular flu? How can I tell?  What are h1n1 symptoms?

The H1N1 Swine Flu can only really be confirmed with an actual lab test.  And, there isn’t a 100% tell tale sign in the form that you have novel h1n1 influenza.  It would be nice if your skin turned bright pink or you started oinking uncontrollably.  If only we were that lucky.

It’s not close to 100%, but there is one sign that hints that an adult might have the swine flu.

Diarrhea and Vomiting.

Adults don’t normally have diarrhea with the flu.  That is usually only common with kids.

Otherwise Swine Flu has the same symptoms as regular flu including:

  • Fever
  • Sore Throat
  • Nasal
  • Cough
  • Respiratory Problems
  • Body Aches

Remember, having Diarrhea and Vomiting is only an indicator.   You can still have the h1n1 swine flu without these symptoms.  And that also holds true for the other way around.  You still might just have the regular seasonal flu accompanied with diarrhea and vomiting.

Only a lab test will confirm h1n1 flu.

Also remember this doesn’t include children.  It’s not uncommon for children to have the all the swine flu type symptoms with the regular flu.  And with kids it’s better to be safe then sorry, so take them to the doctor.

As we get more research in.  We’ll try to narrow this down more for you.  If we find that there is a more obvious sign, we’ll post it here, ASAP!!

Make sure your friends are aware of www.h1n1-symptoms.org.

Share our site url on facebook, myspace, etc. to ge the word out.

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Yeah, I wish there was a more obvious sign of swine flu symptoms. I’ll be checking back here every once in a while to see if you found any. It’s a scary thing.


i have all this symptoms listed here….does that mean that i have the h1n1 virus?????????


is headache included in the symptoms cuz i\’m having it right now?????????


My family, has these symptoms.
My feaver is gone, but I still have Diarrhea, My wife has had the feaver for 2 full days, now and boddy aches, so bad she cannot get out of bed. Our daughter, who had these symptoms 7 days ago, is completely better now.


It doesn’t mean you have it Ramon. It just means it’s a possibility. You can go get tested at the Dr or a Quick Med if you would like. If it was me, I would truly only be worried if I had some other ailment or disease that has worn me down in someway already. That said I’m not a Dr. so if you want a Dr’s opinion you’ll have to talk to one.


Have any of you been tested?


i have this symptoms already…my gosh


well I have fever for 3 days now and I think Im recovering and I also have cough though and now Im having diarrhea but I don’t have vomiting so I’am I possitive with swine flu? is there any medicine for it? please tell me…


What if anybody suffered from high fever then the fever goes down does it means that the person has N1H1? and what about people that already treated could the virus return to them again or they are safe now?


my fever is going up and down you think this is an h1n1 please reply


i have those symptoms..except fever..
is that swine flu?


im having a signs of h1n1
i have a fever right now & a little
bit of cough wat can i do???
hope u reply..
i was absent today because of
im not feeling well


are the tests 100% accurate? im really concerned and worried for my family…


i had fever , sore throat and caugh is this an h1n1?

plz reply ASAP tnx


I am having aches alle ovre like someo e ha tied 10kg dumbells onto me. My knees give way all the time. Have knee problems, having frequent falls, appetite is low…It is so hard for me to walk down and up the stairs. I dunno when I will fall. It is a torture to walk. So what do I have?


I am having syptoms like sore throat and Body Aches. I came back from Bangkok exactly 1 week ago. No Diarrhea and Vomiting yet. Does that mean that i got the mild version of the virus?


My grandaugther has fever now.and she popo 4 times yesterday.but today she got fever 38.3 popo 2 times.is that a symtoms?is it ok if will take here to the doctor tom. instead of tonite?


My grandaugther has fever 38.5 now.she ate salad wt dressng last sun.and she popo 4 times yesterday.today she popo 2 times and vomit a couple of times.is it a symtons of an1h1?is it ok if will just take here to the doctor tom. instead of tonite?


i am having sore throat and headaches
is this h1N1


I’m vacationing here in Malaysia for more than 2 weeks now…..i have fever for 3 days now and my body is aching. I was supposed to fly to China today but it scares me, the immigration might going to quarantine me or somethin if they detect that I have fever. I took med but it didn’t do anything.


Remember, those are all symptoms of allergies too… With the time of year it is, expect severe sinus problems depending on your state. In Oklahoma allergy problems are running wild!!!


i have all the symptoms and im worried. . . what can i do about it? . . . i have body aches mild nasal problem and a little bit cough. . . the 1st thing that i noticed is my sore throat and it comes back but not all the time. . . is this h1n1?. . .


does all of the symptoms should be present to have the virus ? or it can be just some of them ?


Good day! My son had a dry cough early morning and complained of headache but he doesn’t have any fever…after a while he slept and after few hours he got feverish already and complaining of headache and body aches and is already vomiting..do you think it’s really flu that is invading his system? I would greatly appreciate your help..Thanks much!


I am starting to have fever,,just took 2 tablets of med…morning just poo poo once but i took medicine so it stops..am i a `h1n1 patient?


Recently i just went to Malaysia then i came back i found out i’m having fever then a couple of days later i found out that i’m having flu n cough plus headache….OMG!!!!! Is this one of the H1N1 symptoms..???? Can u please help me i wont want to have this virus on me….


I was sent home by my boss last week because I was having headache, sore throat and fever (but it’s quite low). The same day, I had a check up with my doctor and he asked me to stay home till this Friday. I think it might be SUSPECTED H1N1, but the only difference i noticed with seasonal flu (which I had quite a few times before) was the sore throat. This one is soooooo baaaaddd!!! and the coughing that follows is also bad. 5 days after the onset of the symptoms, I am now feeling so much better. It’s just plenty of rest and fluids and vitamins.


last night around two am i was on the phone with my borfriend trying to go to sleep. but i couldnt i felt an terrible chill in my body and my muscles and joints began to hurt and ache,i ignored it and eventually fell asleep. then when i awoke this morning i felt like crap i checked my fever and it was 100.6 then i checked again ten minutes later to see if i wasnt incorrect the first time and it had moved to 101.0 even though i was drinking water and had a cold rag on my head. i noticed last night that i had a runny nose, a cough and flim coming out during the cough. but for like two weeks straight i have been having fatigue, and lack of appetite, i even lost about five pounds during these occurences. when i reaserched the symptoms i had all of these following: fever, fatigue, lack of appetite, coughing, runny nose, sore throat, diarrhea. no vomiting though, and the worst part about it im only fourteen and i told my mother and she thinks it is only because im sleeping so much and being lazy, i recorded my symptoms and fevers im thinking i should tell her and make a appointment even though she may not believe me.


mY SON just complained of body ache and vomited after lunch, he\’s not feeling well until now, only taking medications for flu , i thought i could get a better symptom of swine flu here, when will u be posting the latest symptoms? i have shared this link in my fb so people might be aware of…


I have been unwell for the past 3 days. Bad stomach, pains in the head, feeling warm then cold. muscle pains., legs like jelly and feeling very week.

The problem being i suffer from Fibromyalgia and have pain most days, it is difficult to tell the difference, i dont usually have the pains in my head and stomach problems like i have now. ??




Probably the closest to H1n1 symptons here is that of Ashley & Joel. The sore & dry throat, the fever with chill, flu that runs thru the nose like water and sometimes sticky yellowish, pain at the back of the lungs, to the point of bleeding that comes with your greenish yellow saliva and the weight loss. All these within a span of 5 days. What I did was to take an anti biotic, anti flu and cough syrup. I survived H1N1.


its all about fighting the flu, not going through with it….


presently i am sick with cold runny nose headaches body pain do i could possibly have the swine flu


Folks, it is better to take precautions than to seek a cure.
You need to be aware that this H1N1 virus is a mutant and the symptoms may vary from person to person depending on the person\’s body resistence / immune system.

Basically, if you have one or more of the following symptoms, visit you doc. He needs to do a blood test to confirm the virus type.

1. Sore Throat
2. Stuffed Nose or Runny nose
3. Feverish
4. Body ache (with all 3 above)
5. Poor appetite (with all 3 above)

The BEST thing to avoid being infected is:-

1. Avoid ALL crowded places, especially air conditioned enclosed
spaces like supermarkets, cinemas, public bus, sub-ways.

2. If you have to use public transport or work in a supermarket,
or cant avoid being in such a place, eat a dose of VIT C 500mg
daily AND wear a proper face mask.

3. Drink plenty of fluids daily

4. Wash your hands after handling or touching objects that other
people also use or touch (eg. shared office equipment)

5. Excercise – it keeps you healthy

Protect yourself and family. Take precaution NOW.

BUT dont panic. The situation still under control.

Dr. Thomas Fonseka


Recently I’ve been having a flu and I just recovered from it. But now I have Diarrhea and feel like vomiting. I’m so scared that maybe I have H1N1 or something. I’m really worried…


i dont have fever but i have cough and respiratory prob my flu is goin better??i’m scared to death rite now


I hv only sore thoart….only for a little time i feel irritation…after i eat somethg irritation goes of…but after some time it starts irriratin agn….Not sure whther it is for dry thoart or sore thoart….Don knw wat to do?? Does only sore thoart mean dat its H1N1???
if i tel to ma parents thy are tellin shut up its normal….


do they will infects people from food???


i have fever now for like 4 days now, but its bearable at morning i feel hot but after i take paracetamols and ibuprofen after 15 mins it goes away. the fever is slight since i can still go to office ang go around places but i also have a bit of cough i think i got pleghm so so cough it out. i only cough if i got pleghm to expel. i dont have sore throat, runny nose, body pain. just the fever that comes and goes. but maybe also since last weekend we went wakeboarding wholeday long so maybe i thought i got sick of it also cuz the day after we do that, my whole body was aching so i just thought myabe its because of that. if i still have fever by tommorow, id go to the hospital and get myself check if i have the h1n1. hope not.


Hi all, i have those symptoms..except fever..
is that swine flu?


Dear Dr. Fonseka (et. al.),

Thank you for your calm, professional response. The most important thing we all need NOT to do is panic. If you think you might have H1N1 then STAY HOME, drink fluids, monitor your temperature if you are running a fever, and call your doctor’s office. If he or she wants you to come in – go to the office and follow the doctor’s advice.


People, please don’t take antibiotics for a virus. It will not work, and you run the risk of creating superbacteria, not to mention mess up the natural balance of your body.
Dr. Fonseka presented good, sound advice.


Hi Dr. Fonseka, my son who is 16 had a fever about 2 weeks ago. Before that he started with a sore throat. We stopped him from going to school. After the fever, he started with a bad cough. We gave him cough mixture for that. I thought that he would have a week to rest and recuperate during the school hols but that\’s not the case. To my surprise he started with diarrhea yesterday morning. He went to the toilet all in 5 times. Then 2 hrs later he started with fever. His fever only subsided this morning about 7.00a.m. but now it\’s up again to 101. I am worried, I gave him some apple juice and for lunch will be giving him some chicken rice porridge. Are these signs of H1N1?


Hi, I’m getting scared a little bit, i started with a cold and shore troat about 2 weeks ago, i’m having pain everywhere back in fourth…Having this worst HEADACHE in my life now its been over 11 days, and taking Advil Liquid Gel every day, every 4 hours…I lost my appetite, having dirriah and feel to vomit all the time…And also a lot of pain in my back…I taugh it was Migraine, but now everybody is getting me scared with that H1n1 virus…Should i go have that check??? I’m lost all my energie…I’m 34 years old and never felt like this in my life…Do you think it could be that or is it normal to just feel like that after 2 weeks??? please let me know!!! Thanks


I have all of these symptoms with the exception of fever and body aches, might i have H1N1? My cough has gotten particularly bad and I wheeze when I exhale.


I just attended a funeral and became very ill afterwards. Have fever, BAD headache, very bad cough with thick green phlegm, and body aches.


My family have had most of these symptoms for 6 days now, however, because I was laid off from my mortgage job and am now retraining to be a nurse, we do not have health care.

On a shoe string budget, we cannot afford to go to the doctor for every fever or sniffle.

Can we really say that national healthcare is a bad idea when microbes are present that threaten our national security?


Man, there is a chance that I was exposed to the h1n1 virus and that was days ago and now im getting these symptoms. Maybe I should go to the doctor.


I was at work this past Monday. I came down with the chills. It was 77 degrees in my house, and I had two blankets over my head and I was still freezing. Pretty sure I had a fever. Then I got the all-over body aches. Then came on the nausea and vomiting which kept me up all night despite the overwhelming fatigue. I called off work the next day due to fatigue, body aches, and still nauseated. Did not eat or drink for a 1 1/2 days. Went to work today, but I still have body aches and now this morning a sore throat. No nasal symptoms or respiratory problems. H1N1 or is it more likely something else?


I have also had a headache the last couple days as well.


Must be getting over it, whatever it was. Yesterday, I had a very stiff neck, sore throat, body aches, and a headache. Today, everything is gone but the headache. I am leaning towards samonella food poisoning. Monday’s lunch was chicken, which was about a week old. Maybe the chicken was bad. It didn’t smell bad or taste bad, but based on my symptoms maybe it was. I highly doubt at this point it was H1N1.


my granddaughter,age 5, was tested for H1N1 as she was having your normal flu symtoms. The test shows she does have H1N1 and is under a doctor\’s care.
You cannot tell if you don\’t go to the doc for test. All of you need to see a doctor for heavens sake!
Take care


Woke yesterday at 6am needing to vommit then vommited for like 2 hours after(mostly dry heaves), including diarreah. Fever of 101.6 and extremely fatigued all day, so I slept and drank Ginger Ale all day. It’s now 23 hours since onset (5:12am) and am feeling better, but still tired. I never went to doctor because I am afraid of quarantine. I have been unwell (cough, runny nose) for about a week. I, like Lauren, cannot afford healthcare. I’m staying home today…


Michelle, I had the same symptoms the week of Sept. 8. and thought it was food poisioning. But it was definately viral, because it spread to family members. Vomiting, diarrhea and aches where the main symtoms. No sinus symptoms, slight fever. It hit hard and quick and lasted 3-4 days. The first 24 hours were terrible. Has anyone with these sypmtoms like this been tested positve for H1N1?


From the time of potential contact, how long before symptoms arise? (I have the symptoms but maintain limited exposure to catching the virus. I’d like to advise the location without alarming other locations.)
What typically occurs first (soar throat?)
My cough (and symptoms)gets extreme when I try to lay down, does this mean anything? While up and about and busy, the symptoms seem to deminish significantly.
How long does one have before it is at a point of serious “you should have gone to the doctor sooner”?
I have a high tolerence for pain and discomfort- I rarely run to the doctor and so what is the alarm for doing something?


Let’s use our common sense here people. No one will ever be able to tell you that you have H1N1 without a LABTEST so quit asking us if you have it. GO TO THE DOCTOR AND GET TESTED!!!! Geeez what idiots!


I\’m sick also (yes, w/ every symptom listed – very common these symptoms) and I\’m sorry for everyone else who is, but all these commnets are almost silly and very paranoid. Everyone seems to be thinking every headache or cough is H1N1. If you\’re really that worried – go to your doctor or the ER. If not, get some sleep and drink lots of water. Well wishes to everyone – hope you feel better soon.


Hi, I’ve had horrible nausea and achey body since Tuesday. I was sure I was practically better yesterday, felt my energy back and 99% of the nausea gone. It’s Sunday now and I’m back to feeling horrible, the past few days I’ve had a slightly sore throat. Now today I have a nasty headache, and just want to stay in bed. Have to force myself to eat, and the nausea-yuck! I just moved to a different state and don’t have health insurance, but I know you’re supposed to stay in unless it gets real bad! I want to know how long are the symptoms supposed to last???? I have to start working.


I have a runny nose, body aches, espicially in my back just below the shoulder blades, and trouble breathing. are those symptoms of swine flu?


Wow, those comments were kinda frustrating to read.. I thought the article was pretty clear but it sounds like no one read it, and Dr Fonseka was extremely clear about it. Ya, it’s scary but use your head. Wash your hands and if you do exhibit those symptoms monitor them, limit your contact with others and if they don’t get better go see a doctor. Remembering that you won’t always get better with only a days rest.


The CDC recommends the use of oseltamivir (Tamiflu) or zanamivir (Ralenza) for the treatment and/or prevention of the H1N1 virus. These, however, ARE prescription so to get them you’ll have to see a Doctor.


I had a bad bout with flu this past February that involved *just* diarrhea and vomiting – no respiratory symptoms. Landed me in the hospital for a week (I’m still paying the bills). I’m in Baltimore – was this H1N1? I hadn’t been traveling or (that I know of) associating with anyone who had been……


People, H1N1 is another ‘version’ of the flu. The media is sensationalizing it for whatever reason. Like any other flu (which more people have died from than H1N1)make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids!

I have 3 sons, 2 of which have all the symptoms of the H1N1 and I was told at our Dr’s office that the CDC has instructed them NOT to test for H1N1. They only test for it if you are sick enough to be hospitalized!!! That my friends, is with all flu strains!

They “big brother (not the show)” has everyone scared to death of the H1N1. Treat this flu like all the others! BTW, today, the Dr. told me that if my middle son gets lethargic, then take him to the ER at the hospital, but for now, they just sent him home and told him to drink fluids through one of those syringes, like they give medicine to babies with, to alleviate the vomiting.


My son Michael is in the hospital. He went in for problems with his M.S. The other day they told me he had caught the flu, he has been in the hospital for 21 days. First they told me it was Type A. Yesterday they said they sent it to a lab back east as they think it might be H1N1. So, please pray for him! Thanks & God bless!


My family is sick for almost a week now.It all started with my son, who has a high fever and coughing. Then, followed by daughter with high fever and coughing. My daughter had vomitting and diarreha for a day and now both of them have no fever but only coughing.
I got sick after taking good care of them, then followed by our youngest daughter with fever but not high as 100 degrees. She has coughing and it only worse during night time.
My doctor take the swab testing for swine flu for my son & daughter. And test results is negative.

Does this mean that lab test is not right? since all of us were sick now?


I am sorry to hear about your son, Bette. Will be praying for him. God Bless!


Dude this is so not cool was on a cruise & second 2 last day I had a headache and just didn’t feel good (this was Friday October 1st 09) it progresivly got worse to where I had a terrible cough, fever, chills, and loss of appitite. Saturday the 2nd all syntoms got worse plus a sore throat today the 3rd my little brother is now coughing (we were roomies on the boat) I think he is getting it to. Anyways I hadn’t eaten sense yesterday morning when I didn’t even eat much and I wasn’t hungry at all so I decided to eat something (a hoho) I only ate a bite ok! Half an hour later, well it came back up j decided that wasn’t so smart threw the hoho out and opened a can of soup, ate 3 bites and threw it out (not the whole can just a quarter of it) my family came back with groceries (I stayed home they thought it was a good idea and my mom came up with fresh Michigan apple cider (the best because we live by wiards orchard by Ann Arbor in Ypsilanti Michigan) anyways my cough went down today but maybe because I spent most of the day sleeping yesterday ( and I do mean most) I am on motrin and it is helping with the fever but I have most if not all syntoms listed above does anyone have a pill they are taking that is helping???

A very sick 13 yearold


Hi. My son is 13 and has the flu. I am pretty positive that it was the H1N1 flu. The flu is so much more aggressive than the regular flu. My son started sneezing on Friday, no fever. He said that he sneezed all day long. I gave him Advil Cold & Sinus. Then gave him a NyQuil that night. Checked on him the next morning about 8 and he was fine. Not even 1 1/2 to 2 hours later he was burning up and moaning and groaning. He was progressively getting worse by the minute. He was so weak and his body hurt so bad he could hardly even walk. I took him straight to the ER. I was not playing with this. He is asthmatic, but not a real bad asthmatic, but still was not playing with it. They gave him Tami-flu and he is out of school for the next 2-3 days. I suggest you go to the doctor or ER for the Tami-flu asap. If you wait to many days, the Tami-flu will not work. They are not testing for the H1N1 anymore. They are treating all the flu cases as if it was the H1N1. Also, by the time they get the results back, you are more than likely fine. I would say a good sign to tell between the flu and the H1N1 is that it is very aggressive!

I hope everyone feels better. I am sure that I will be next. :(

Mom of a 13 year old sick son


my mom has it


Well my name is Zach as you can see above and I’m in high school and my middle school has almost 5 cases of kids actually having h1n1 but there’s nothing going on at the high school.Also i thought the virus was targeting young people and I’m 14 and i feel fine but then again maybe for some reason I’m immune. Who knows’, maybe I’m just lucky.


Zach, it’s spread by an infected person coughing or wiping their nose and touching something that someone later touches. It’s not like the virus goes out and looks for people to infect. Usually it’s from airborne droplets from a cough. And if you were to get it there’s about a 4-day incubation period where you wouldn’t have any symptoms at all. And on day 4 you could even be transmitting it without even knowing you are sick.

Immunity to it is very unlikely unless you’ve had the H1N1 vaccine.


Maria, maybe your family had a nasty strain of influenza, but it wasn’t H1N1. It could have even been some other virus like Norovirus. I would trust the lab test.


I went to the doctor the other day because my throat hurt and I had a fever, and she tested me for strep throat, and it came back negative. She said that her office wouldn\’t and hasn\’t tested anyone for H1N1 because the test brings back to many false positives.


I have been sick for about 2 weeks, with cough, but no fever. I have lost my voice and the cough has gotten worse. It even hurts in the pelvic region when I cough. I plan on seeing my doctor tomorrow.


does being tired alot, even if you sleep for a long time, count as a symptom….well pl reply…tnx!!!:)


my brother was exposed to h1n1, and only received an ear infection. my sister has recently been diagnosed w/ h1n1, but is quickly recovering. this flu can go undectected if you have symptoms of coughing/sneezing and fever. if you do not have any head ache or do not regulary take your temperature, you can have h1n1 and simply think of it as a cold, allergies, or any other reasonable and normal non-severe illness.


It seems that you\’re better off getting H1N1 than the normal seasonal flu as the symptoms are much milder resulting in you feeling much less ill. That\’s how it spreads easily because people are more likely going to go to work, school, party, etc and spread the virus because they don\’t so sick. And who really cares which type you have… the treatment is the same no matter. Everyone just needs to chill out.


Honestly, this is getting WAY blown out of proportion. The flu…regardless of the strain can be mild or serious. This is simply another strain with a slightly different set of symptoms. People are getting way too freaked out. The media likes it because it’s a great dramatic story. But, seriously, unless you are already in a weakened state or you become really dehydrated…stay home, get your rest, drink plenty of fluids and wait it out. You are in no more danger with this flu than any other.


Oh, and those suggesting going to the ER. Unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary…don’t go to the ER. Emergency departments are being OVERRUN with people scared silly about H1N1. The ER can’t make you all better and you are just spreading your germs and exposing yourself to everyone else’s. People just need to calm down!


To everyone posting symptoms and asking if it is H1N1, you obviously didn’t read the article. THE ONLY WAY TO KNOW IS TO BE TESTED. No point in posting symptoms and getting into a panic. Take the same 5 minutes to drive to a Drs office or emerg clinic and have the test done. And seeing as the H1N1 is a virus, not a bacteria, there is no magic liquid or pill, just stuff to hide the symptoms like buckleys or advil. If you are not already sick, consider getting the vaccine when it becomes available in your area. Otherwise stop causing panic and see your doctor.


i have all the symptoms except the fever
i;ve had it for about a week now, i havent been able to anything with out throwing it back up, and i’ve even been puking after taking things like gravol, should i go get tested for h1n1?


My pediatrician advised against taking the vacine Tamiflu due to side effects to the liver. So far, she says to treat my daughter’s symtoms as H1N1.


People need to quit saying “I have (symptom) and (symptom)… is this h1n1?”
Honestly, the effect of h1n1 on most people is mild, like the regular seasonal flu. If you have risk factors (age, pregnancy, etc.) then the chance of h1n1 being fatal to you increases (just like for seasonal flu).
It’s a damn cold, quit panicking like it’s going to wipe out the human race… if you start to get really think and you think something’s not right, do the smart thing and take yourself to the doctor.


I don’t have any symptoms but I’m still afraid and I don’t have insurance and I don’t want to go to work today and my boss is a jerk. Can I pick up the virus on my hand and then shake his hand so then he’ll get sick and I won’t have to deal with his crap for a couple of weeks? Are there any legal complications and how would I know if there are germs on my hand? If some one is coughing at the store is that bioterrorism? People need to stay at home more and stop going to public places. Stop going to Walmart alltogether. That’s where you get the flu. I’m going there now to fondle all the shopping carts before work. We will all die eventually but my boss needs to go now.


o.k. I really don’t have a boss, don’t freak out.


from what i have heard at school the swine flu is not as bad as everybody thinks it is its just as bad as the regular flu the people that have died from it had like cancer or some other disease but anytype of flu is bad


You guys are all a bunch of worriers. I’m so sick of everyone thinking that the slightest sniffle is the swine flu. Do you remember last winter when swine flu wasn’t all over the media…guess what…we still had sore throats, fevers, and diarrhea. I’m not ignorant either, I work in the health care field and have seen serious cases of the flu and pneumonia in the last few weeks, but I’m SO SICK of everyone freaking out about a runny nose or a headache. I live in a small town and we actually have people going around and lying that they have been tested for swin flu and it was positive…..guess what…NO THEY WEREN’T. They don’t test for it at most local hospitals, they send it in, and it’s quite the wait for the results, and they only send it in if the results will matter, which usually they don’t because the person is better by the time the results are back. Everyone take a deep breath and relax, take tylenol for your fever, go in to your doctor if symptoms are too bad to bear, but otherwise, keep your butt and home in bed where it’s supposed to be and give it a few days. And dont’ forget to drink lots of fluids, dehydration can also cause a lot of these symptoms.


I have had diarrhea and lower GI upset with joint aches for 3 days. What kind of flu is this?


My daughter is 9 a lot of kids at her school have been out sick some with Swine others just regular flu. She was really tired the other night and went to bed early at 8:30 she is usually full of energy and goes to bed at 10pm. She woke up with a fever of 101.7 it comes down with meds to about 100.6. Tonight it got up to 102.8. Along with the fever came a cough which she didn’t have before. She has been vomiting and complains of pain in her stomach and a headache. I am a bit concerned with all the swine flu scare going around. This is only the 2nd day should I wait to see what happens or take her in to get checked.


I was tested positive for H1N1 on Oct 15 2009.
I started out sneezing more than normal then kind of had a small upset stomach for 2 days. Then a real bad headache followed with the feaver 102 degrees. Broke out in sweats but never had the chills. 3 days the feaver has broke and now diareaha is keeping me running to the stool. My stomach is just rolling non stop. I never felt like I had to vomit.
Been off work for a week now and can`t wait to see what tomorrow brings.I also developed some chest congestion. Not real bad but I couldn`t watch a comedy show the other night. Everytime I laughed I would choke and cough and gag. So I turned it off. I have had the regular flu just as bad but it was 25 years ago. I`ll be getting a flu shot as soon asI heal up. I don`t even want another round.


HEY GUYS WHY DONT YOU ALL STOP ASKING STUPID QUESTIONS, AND GO TO THE DOCTOR LIKE IT SAYS TO. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO DETERMINE IF IT IS SEASONAL OR THE H1N1. you have all probably got the seasonal flu once before, its not much different, stop freaking out for gods sake and just take care of yourself if you are sick, and go to the doctors.


YES, A national healthcare program WOULD indeed improve your lives. It doesnt make you a communist, a socialist or anything other then a country that takes care of its sick.
follow the guide of the rest of the world…Canada, France, Cuba, England ETC ETC ETC….all have EXCELLENT health care.
With a national healthcare program, ANYONE could go visit their Dr. when they feel the need.


Come on people… can you not read? A simple sore throat and headache is not the swine flu. Far too many of you are freaking out for nothing, then flooding doctor’s offices all over Canada. You are making it harder for the real sick people to get the treatment they need.


Hi so I just checked every thing here and I have all the symptoms except the fever. But last night I was so dizzy I was seeing two of everything. So I went to bed and I felt like I was spinning. And I was curious if any one has experimced this at all? I have also had a very itchy throut. I am just looken for some insight on these symptoms before I become concerned.


thursday i was coughing all day. i went to bed and woke up my head was hurting so bad and i was cold and fever cough sore throat fatigue diarrhea vomiting. then i started feeling better. but not my chills or cough. then i went to bed and woke up and now i just have a cough and pressure in the chest when i cough and sudden pain in abdomen. is it just a virus or what she i do ?


I have all these symptoms over the last 3 weeks, but only one or two at a time, and never for more than a couple of days before it changes. The last week Ive noticed that my lungs “burn” a bit, and my heart rate goes up faster and higher than normal when working hard, or working out.
While Im not “freaked out” as far as the flu symptoms, cause it could be anything or nothing, I am concerned about this very significant, and rapid change in my ability to do any kind of hard work,
I suppose my question is Has there been any link to cardio-vascular problems as a result of H1N1?


I have H1N1 Influenza A and I went to the pediatrician and he said it was the strongest type of swine flu. He told me I was going to get worse before i got better. The next day I woke up feeling better and my tempature went from 103 to 101. Is my fever going to come up again??


My symptoms over the last 3-4 days are fever, cold sweats, every single part of my body tingling with pain, every part of skin even hurts, dry sore throat, lungs hurt, phlemey couch, terrible headache, sharper when I move my eyes left or right, very sensitive to any sounds or light, dehydration (drinking tons of water and cranberry juice), little appetite, extreme lethargy, sore neck especially, stomach sick, no vomiting but feels like.

So far the worst flu I can remember, the flu seems to have dropped, I’ve been taking ibuprofin or buckleys, depending on what’s worst, hurt or lungs, multi-vitamins and chloroseptic spray for the throat. Very vivid and strange dreams, waking up every couple hours. Don’t watch tv so wasn’t really aware of H1N1 strain.

My question is, since the fever seems to have dropped, am I best to just continue on fighting it like any other flu (as described so far)or is it worth or even necessary to go to the doctor so they could test for h1n1? if so, what benefit would there be in distinguishing this flu from a regular yearly strain? As well, is there any significance to the stiff neck as opposed to more in other places?


My son would be 1 month old today but he passed away of swine flu 4 days ago with no symptoms. Please people go to the doctors if your childern have even slight symptoms.


@Braydens mommy

Our prayers are with you. So sorry for your loss.


This is absolutely crazy. All the hype about H1N1 and I have a sick child with flu symptoms and the doctor can’t tell me whether it’s H1N1 or not and won’t do a test! He’s recovering now, but had 3 days of sudden onset high fever, a sore throat, headache, greyish looking color, a cough which has become worse since the other symptoms have left. The doctor told me he doesn’t think it was the flu because the fever didn’t last from 5-7 days, but nothing I’ve read about H1N1 says the fever needs to last 5-7 days. I asked him what I should do about getting the vaccine when I’m not sure if he may have already gotten the virus, and the doctor told me to just go ahead and get it anyway, and that it is “safer than other flu vaccines”! This is not what I have heard. Needless to say, this is very frustrating. Everyone is scared but nobody knows if they’ve got it or not unless they end up in a hospital. There are all kinds of contradictory information out there. In fact, I just learned from a friend of mine who is a nurse in Toronto, that in Canada they’re advising people to wait to get the seasonal flu shot until AFTER they’ve received the H1N1 vaccine because they have evidence that people who get the seasonal flu shot are MORE susceptible to H1N1 than people who have not had the seasonal flu shot. This is the opposite of what we are being told here.

After bringing my 7 yr old in to the doctor AND talking with the doctor on the phone 3 days later, here I am STILL doing google searches trying to get some answers!


i have the fever its been going on and off the highest its ever been is 101.8 scary but u just might have a bug/virus but im going to the doctors if my fever comes back


sorry people for losing your kids from the swin flu my friend got and almost died


the day before my fever started i could tell something was starting in my throat. It felt like a hair was stuck in the back of my throat. I am on day 3 with the fever. i feel much better than the past two days. I’m thinking tomorrow I will be back to normal.


I have been sick since Sept 14th starting with nausea and dizziness…about 3 DAYS OF IT..then about a week later the congestions and a lot of sneezing, fever, chills and getting no better. I spent the entire weekend in bed..literally and still I can\’t fix this or get it out of my chest. BUT NOw I have no fever…swing flu? who knows, but something really crappy. I have two grandkids with asthma…I\’m a tad worried


If you have high fever that does not go away with meds. then see a dr.


I went to the doctors today and they said I have the H1N1 flu virus AND pneumonia. Its a deadly mix. Good luck to all of you with this terrible flu!


Our hospital told us that the test to confirm H1N1 cost $300-$500 and most insurance companies are not covering it. The test also has to be sent to an out of town lab and can take up to 3 days for results.


i have all these symtomps but ive been sick for three weeks now and the sore throat and coughing wont go away does that mean i can have the swine flu i had fever last night and before but i dont have insurance available now so i havent been to the doctor..


i had all these symptoms on the 18th… except for vomiting and diarreah.


My mom has all these symptoms but everyone in the family except her is ill. I think she may have it, but we’ll see when she is tested for H1N1. It’s just odd that all of us including my 2 yr. old niece are not contagious since we are all in very close proximity with her daily.


Calm down people! I currently have swine flu right now and it is NOT THAT BAD. If you start the tamiflu you will recover and get through this. My symptoms started with a mild headache and scratchy throat within 2 hrs of eachother. The next morning I woke with a severe headache, stuffy nose, and sore throat. Now I have a bad cough, no voice, and am sore. Instead of panicking, do what you can to avoid getting the virus, and if you think you have it just check with your doctor. But stop freaking out!


I am not afraid of the H1N1 virus. Because it is a novel strain of a basic virus it may be a good thing to have it if you are otherwise healthy, because it may help you fight off worse viruses in the future. A strain of virus that hit hard in the 40′s during the war seemed to confer some protection to adults exposed to another strain in the 50′s.

The real problem is that our society has turned a blind eye to the fact that we raise animals in barbaric conditions that are rife with the possibility of incubating new and deadlier strains of existing diseases. When animals are subject to conditions such as severe over-crowding, standing in their own waste, and pumped full of antibiotics to get them to market before they die, is surely guaranteed to produce many deadly diseases that cross species.

Back in the old days, before humans got so “civilized”, animals were hunted and killed in the wild, where they had room to roam and be what nature intended them to be. The natural versus the unnatural–who is surprised when we bring these diseases upon ourselves?

Yes, I’m a vegetarian and I grow my own food, for the most part. Not because I believe it will protect me from these diseases, but because I’m forced to live in a society that is hardly civilized and is intent on running amok with greed and a blood lust for animal flesh. I therefore don’t support industries that exploit greed and blood lust, and thus produce problems that we can’t easily solve. Here, have some E. coli with that spare rib, too. Yum!


I have been sick for 7 days. I do not have fever. I do have congestion, cough, dizzieness, fatigue. I had diahreha for 5 days.
How long does it take to get over the flu. Do you feel weak for several weeks


it takes around a week to two weeks max to fully get over the flu. When you start feeling better you won’t have as much energy as normal but you will have more energy than you did when you were sick


Odd, I have all the symptoms except no nausea. I have the diarreah and everything else. I also am REALLY hungry and I’ve actually eaten more than usual. That seems odd to me. It started yesterday afternoon (late) and by the AM I had a horrible cough, fever, chills, sore throat etc. But I am hungry as a horse. Still very weak.


Two weeks ago I experienced lethargy and nausea. Also had trouble with my ears, wax build up slightly uncomfortable. Friday woke up with a slight headache and very stiff shoulders and neck, by the evening I had a full blown sore throat that quickly settled into my lungs with a deep dry cough. Sunday was spent just keeping up with my symptoms and dosing myself with vitamin C and an Immune support vitamin mix. Also hit the nutritional yeast (B vitamins). Ibuprofen during the day, NyQuil at night. Monday all I wanted to do was sleep and try to stay warm, or cool off. Now I thought I had it under control until I walked out to the mailbox, and that was when the diarrhea hit me. All I can say is I’m glad I’m home alone! It’s been two full weeks of feeling very off. Take your time to get over it, it’s taking it’s time working me over.


my on has had a fever since monday oct 18 and i called his dr and they said there was no point in seeing him cuz all i had to do was treat him with tylenol and motrin so i have been doing that and he still has the fever today oct 21 and i took him to the dr this morning and they said he ha the flu but couldnt test him for the h1n1 cuz i didnt bring him in the first day he had the systoms and i told them that cuz you told me there was no need to see him. so what should i do now??


I just came back from the MD, and he thinks it’s H1N1, however they are not testing due to cost, insurance won’t cover it. He sent me for a chest X-ray to check for pneumonia as a complication. There were 5 other people in the office that day with the same issues. If you’re young and healthy (I’m pushing 40) then you’re OK, but people with underlying health issues are ending up in the hospital. I am sicker than I have been in years.


i beleive that me and my 2 friends have h1 due to the folowing events…

seven and a half days ago jim went poopoo and it was rather runny this alerted us then aproximitly 61 hours later jane did the same so as a precaution we checked their temp and to confirm our deepest fears the both exceeded 100 jim at 100.2 and jane at 100.3 as we are checking this i vomit i am not sure if i did this because the anxiety or h1 however we have all bought maskes disinfectants and about 5 buckets of bleach. This is Jane, taking over topic of discussion. We’ve cleaned the house top to bottom, we’re worried of our own backterias pro-creating, if this is even possible. we are taking showers on the hour i will update you regularly

– claira

P.S. we think the dog may be sick as well


To TJ (117):
I also have all of the symptoms you listed including diarrhea, no nausea, but very hungry. The Dr. thinks it is H1N1, but would not do the test. Alternating tylenol and advil and using inhaler to prevent pneumonia.


H1N1 is spreading like crazy in our area. Schools are closing and both of my kids are sick. In Minnesota, we have a flu hotline where a parent or sick person can call in and get a perscription over the phone for tamaflu.

The doctors here indicate that another symptom of H1N1 is that you get all the symptoms for 4-5 days and then they go away. Then they come back after 1 healthy day. That’s what happened to my 3 yr old.

The Minnesota FluLine number is 1-866-259-4655

Take care all and stay inside. Don’t go in public places.


I had flu symptoms and the vomitting and diaherria but I still went out to work becuase I cannot afford to miss work or myself and family will be homeless. I know that it was the novel h1n1 influenza my son had it then passed it to me then my wife had it and now I’ve had it. Our whole neighborhood had it a little girl 2 doors down died and and autopsy revealed it was h1n1 influenza. I beat mine with a big bottle of Hennesey and coke. Drank for 3 days straight and didnt eat I drowned myself in alchohol and peed like crazy I feel fine now.
My son and wife are ok too we are all thankful to have survived this and now we dont breathe without masks or touch things outside of the house. I think they should quarantine our city.

Vallejo, California.


Cherryl. I agree with you about the treatment of animals – BUT – remember that the people back in those “good ole days” your talking about generally only lived to a ripe old age of about 40 or less. Doesn’t sound more healthy to me.

Go back if you like but I’ll take my chances with modern food and medicine thanks.


I have five children; two of which have these symptoms now. Our oldest is 7yr. old and has been sick for five days now. The other, our 6yr. old started yesterday. The dr. s automatically treating patients for this type of flu now. I give this as my help note to all- if you can\’t get your child to keep down the Tamiflu (which causes vomiting) ask for it in suppository form. Silly, huh?! They give you a med. that can cause vomiting; whithin as little as 30 seconds, which is no help at all. Just when you think they might be getting better, the fever spikes back up. My daughters have both been spiking at between 102 and 102.8 degrees. Be cautious. If you have any thoughts that your child may have any type of flu; take them in. It\’s nerve wracking enough when they won\’t eat for four straight days and they can\’t shake the symptoms. Don\’t wait! It\’s worth the bill to have thei little bodies checked!


Wondering if anyone knows that if you do get swine flu. do you just get sick and stay sick or do you get better and then worst. Hopefully I just a the regular flu and is going to get better now…


I have the sore throat,Bady stiffness and cough. Does that mean I have it or not?Please please please reply


OMG…reading this is so surreal! Did you know that the regular plain old seasonal flu kills on average, 36,000 people per year in the U.S. alone? The numbers worldwide are in the hundred thousands. This is a case of media blitzing causing panic. I believe that when it\’s all over, we\’ll find that no more fatalities occurred with H1N1 than with the seasonal flu. It is sad that people die from influenza of any type, of course…but to panic like this is not helping. I think I may have it right now and it really stinks but I\’m not in a panic. My kids\’ school was closed Wed., Thurs., and Friday due to over 20% absence (H1N1 confirmed in some students) so it\’s definitely in my area. I\’m confident I\’ll be fine but I\’m going to feel lousy for a few days…that\’s what the flu does. People; try to keep things in perspective and don\’t watch TV. The media will seek out the sickest people and make it look like Armageddon. Even 60 Minutes did this last Sunday. Just drink a lot, treat the symptoms and rest…most of us will be just fine. And no, you won\’t get it again and no DON\’T take antibiotics! This is a virus and antibiotics will do nothing for you at all except maybe make your diarrhea worse. Hang in there folks…


Last sunday night i awoke with pain in the lower stomach. felt like it kept going from side to side until it reached the bottom and I had to go really quick. Mon. I felt terrable with temps up to 103+. Called local dr. he said flu but not to come in and spread it around.temp up and down all week with constant diarrea. finally on friday went to VA clinic they said flu but would not do a test to find out what kind. I had ecoli one time and thoujght it might be that again.


Sorry forgot about the headache feels like an axe in left side, age late 50′s


If you are so worried about having the virus GO SEE A DOCTOR. They know best


Ok, I got to work at 1pm and get home at 730 to find son whp is 13 very grumpy! I touch his forehead and it feels like 105 temp, took temp Abe it was 104.6 have 2 tylenol(he is 13 ) hey him in tepid bath then alternate ibprophrn every 3 hours because fever never goes under 102,8 with cool washrags under arms ect, go to Dr next day, and comfurmed h1n1 aggh! She orscribes tamiflu and sugar water, this helps rebuild tissue damage, so that started on wens and tamiflu Dr on thurs yamiflu helped immediatly temp down to 101 but runny nose now were on sat dela better actgually sitting up temp 100 but now I got diarrhea not sure yet what I have but we did the mask and spray immediately when I got home wens night i’ll keep you posted!


for those calling it “bacterial”.. h1n1 is a VIRUS. Viruses are abiotic, meaning they are “dead” and cannot be treated with antibiotics. Therefore the only way to treat a virus is to TREAT THE SYMPTOMS.

Drink plenty of water (stay hydrated,) rest, and if fever spikes over 100 take acetaminophen or ibruprophen. DO NOT GIVE CHILDREN ADVIL, as it puts them at risk of developing reye’s syndrome.

The media is milking this.. it’s just another strain of the flu. It’s only different because it is so contagious and has been spreading rapidly. But really we are at no more risk than we would be with any other flu virus. You only really need to be worried if you’re immunosuppressed or otherwise at risk.

So no need to freak out.. just make sure you stay healthy (exercise, proper diet, adequate sleep, etc.) and wash hands. If you do happen to catch the virus, try to quarantine yourself, especially from immunosuppressed people and pregnant women.

One more thing to note.. the incubation period is about 5 days, meaning it’ll take approximately 5 days for the symptoms to show after you catch the virus. The virus is most contagious 24 hours before symptoms begin to show.


Another thing that just came to mind..
AMERICANS.. VOTE YES for national healthcare system! You’re crazy not to!


Have been down and out since Fri which started only with a scratchy throat which quickly evolved into a sore throat and muscle sorenss. Temp. was at 101 by Sat. and down to normal by Sun. As per what the school nurse says….stay home until fever is gone 24hrs. and you feel better….why go to the doctor for them to tell you to stay home, drink fluids and get rest! Plus I don’t want to get worse or let anyone else get it. I say only go to a Dr. if you have some sort of severe symptoms. Remember it is a flu!!!


im only 11 i think i had the swine flu im recovering from it. In school how am i supposed drink fluids were not allowed to have water bottles and i can only get a DRINK of water during our breaks?


It is important for people not to panic. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. : ) The media gets better and better at hyping everyone up. Bird flu, swine flu, etc. Think people. What do you do to keep from spreading germs? Wash your hands, stay home if you’re sick, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. Carry hand sanitizer when you are in public to use when there is no soap and water readily available. Disinfect your home especially door knobs. Keep spare toothbrushes handy and replace yours often. Eat more fruits and veggies and eat regularly. Take a daily multivitamin or make sure you are getting plenty of Vitamin C and Zinc. The biggest problem with any flu is dehydration and malnutrition caused from the fever, diarrhea, nausea…..these are complications that make it deadly. Children, elderly, individuals with immune deficiency, and respiratory problems are the ones who need to seek treatment ASAP. And just on a political note…I find it odd that Government just happens to be attempting to pass health care reform right now. What better way than to scare everyone? Hope you stay well. If you’re already sick I hope you stay home and take care of yourself!


I agree with you Suzi


Max…hope you feel better soon! I couldn’t agree with you more!

Eau Claire, WI USA
October 25th, 2009 at 9:26 pm

I’ve been tested positive for H1N1 and I can tell you from my experience that this flu is VERY real and VERY dangerous Started with head and chest congestion and then progressed to headache, sore throat, dry cough, tight chest, elevated temp of 101.8 and then the shortness of breath, rapid pulse, low blood oxygen saturation and finally changes in vision. Prescribed Tamaflu, Prednisone (lungs) Mucinex, albuteral. At present, my main concern is the vision and the inability to do anything but very minimal exertion without becoming short of breath. 7 days into this flu and it seems like I’ve got a long row to hoe


If my son is showing symptoms should I take him to the doctor tonight or wait untill tom.


should I take my son to the emergency room.


I am having cough , flu and diarrhea . Do you think i’ve got H1N1? :( I’m scared. I’m still 14.


My daughter has the flu. What kind? Good question…don’t know. Why? Because it is not cost effective and test results are inconclusive on the majority of people. Which poses the question, how do ‘they’ know how many confirmed cases of H1N1 there really are? The Government, by way of the media, has hyped this flu up. It can be bad, real bad for certain groups of people. And, frankly, ANYONE who gets the flu, regardless of type, is going to be miserable for a couple of days. The timing of all of this screams ‘government run health care’ and promotion of a vaccine that isn’t even manufactured in the US. Scary, huh?


Hi I have all signs of h1n1. But I do not have dirria. I also have a upset stomach and i\’m not hungry (at all!) I can\’t really get out of bed. And I can\’t see very well and I normaly have preety good site. I have been really dizzy, and need help going anywhere. I have been passing out in weird places. My really close friend has the same symtoms. My friend phoned her friend to see what the homework was. She told he and also said there was only 10 people in their class!!!!! Do we have h1n1?!?!? The sad part is we are only 13! It would really help us out if anyone could tell us if we have h1n1! Were really scared :(


iv been having a bad head ache for 5 days now. my body isnt as soar as it was. I have diarrhea and i cant hold down any food what so ever.
im getting on again off again shakes and shivers and i cant sleep at all. water is the only thing i can hold down. im going to see a dr today.
Im 27 yrs old, and i get diarrhea every time i get the flu, so i dont know what there talking about by saying only kids get that when having the flu.


i had a bad headache yesterday its getting beter now buut its stil there , i have a stuffed up nose , sore throat , cough , was burning up yesterday , body aches , do u think i have it ?


Wow people if concerned go see a Dr. and JK you should have universal health care in the U.S less people loosing houses and what not because they can’t pay medical bills, its not great in Canada either but it’s better than the U.S..


I hope everyone will feel better soon.
There is one thing I would like to comment on. I read in an early post that someone was taking antibiotics for there symtoms. WRONG.
Please don\’t take antibiotics for a viral infection, it\’s no use, you\’ll just make bacteria that much more resistant to antibiotics when you need them the most.


I am an other-wise healthy 48 year-old man. I had vomiting and severe diarrhea two days ago. I did not have fever, sinus problems, or sore throat. It lasted one day. I stayed home from work for two days. I went back to work today and felt like I had a hangover (I haven’t drank for years). I held down applesauce and butterscoth pudding for lunch, and fish and garlic bread for dinner today. I am not worried about H1N1 beacuse I do not have any underlying health issues. If you are worried, see a doctor, a website can inform you about symptoms, but cannot diagnose your illness.


My 16 year old son just got the swab test done at drs office. He had flu symptoms but with fever yesterday (gone now), aches, sore throat, etc. No diaherra or vomiting. The test came back NEGATIVE, yet the dr still gave him tamiflu and said the test is ONLY 50% ACCURATE. The key IS IF YOU GET HIGH FEVER, GO TO HOSPITAL. Whether it is regular flu or swine, he will be better in a few days, unless symptoms get worse.


Sorry forgot to add that I regularly work with the military, specifically Marines. I spoke with a Marine who came off a ship
where 200 marines had swine flu. He said they gave them NOTHING but advil and gatorade. His worst symptoms were a consistant, throbbing head pain and body aches. He was better in a week. Certainly different people react differently, and some can weather thru it and others not. Go to hospital if high fever,or you are losing fluids, or you have regular concerns,go see your doctor. If you have had all these symptoms a whole week, my GUESS is that you are on the tail of it, whether its a virus, swine flu or regular flu.


Ok folks, this is the second time I have had H1N1. and yes I did say the second. The first time I got it was when my friend came back from Mexico for spring break feeling ill. I got it right after that. It was a miserable time….sore throat, cough, but the fever and body aches like I have never had before. Monday I started having a scratchy throat, by Tuesday I started running a fever, and by Wednesday morning I was coughing up gobs of yellow and green. The difference between this time and the flu in spring is the fact I had insurance in the spring. This time I don\\\’t. Between the doctor\\\’s visit and the medication to avoid it turning to pnuemonia, I am out $200. Not to mention being off work for a week or more. And we won\\\’t even talk about Tamiflu….I can\\\’t afford it. I feel awful, but the nice thing, the meds the doctor gave me this time make me sleep. I can sleep sound when I am taking them. I don\\\’t know how long it will last this time. I am prone to pneumonia, and it is always in the back of my mind. But I beat it once and I will beat it again.


Lets say someone has already had the H1N1 flu, therefore their body has already built up some immunity to the virus, do they still need to get the shot? Also it takes up to a week for the shot to take effect, what if someone gets the flu between that time? Does that mean the shot was all for nothing, will it intensify the symptoms????


Ive been coughing for about 1 week now, but thats it, I dont fever, or anything else listed in her,,,I live in Canada also, and the season just changed, the tempeture went down by a lot, so is it that i might have the swine flu, or its just because the change of tempature?


Wow I think this H1N1 is getting totally out of control! Where I live there is no walk in clinic\’s and just try and get in to see a doctor? It takes 2 months when all is going well. The emergency room is about a 4-5 hour waiting peroid. And even then they look at you like you are waisting their time. So what do you do about this? If you go to emergency you feel like a shmuck, because they are so busy and they might think you are not as sick as others, then if you don\’t go and you have most of these symptoms, you take the risk of possible death. So what is the answer?

Please Respond. Thank You


I have a very isolated lifestyle. I work at home and see very few people and do not go to town for perhaps a week at a time. 3 weeks ago i got sick; sore throat, acheness, below normal temp. (106), disorientation, dizziness, and shortness of breath. I had been warned by a fellow who works for me that he was feeling sick about 36-48 hours prior to having these symptoms. I spent 4 days in bed, with the first 3 days feeling aches,dizziness,raspy voice, diffuculty breathing etc., but with very little conjestion, until the 4th day my head and chest simply exploded. I went back working on the 5th day, but was taking it easy. I saw my worker again on the 6th day and he told me that he had had the same symptoms and had gone to the Doctor who told him that he had the Swine Flu and that a lot of folks are not having nausea, vomiting,fever, or lack of appetite.Also told him that it is a lot more spread than is reported. I have had azthma problems in the past am having problems still. My heart rate ( pulse) starts to soar if I do not get enough rest. From my understanding of this virus is that it effects the lung tissue and depending on your age,and other contributing complications like asthma, pregnancy,pnemonia,immume system etc. depends on how fast your body will recoupe after the virus has left. I have found myself back to bed about every 4 days since the virus left me from the first 4 days, because of light headedness, shortness of breath, tiredness, and a resting pulse above 100. ( I also forgot to mention that I appear to have no infection…no color in my phlegm and nether did my empoyee.)


I have a scratchy throat and a bad cough. Very tired and a slight fever. I also have astma.
Should i be worried?


im having all of these symtoms but no diariha… i cant get into hospitals because they only take sivire cases… my parents think its “possible” that i do have H1N1, they hope not but they arnt sure… am i just having a bad case of the flu or a mild case of H1N1.. please help



My 5 year old started his fever Thursday night, it was almost 103 on Friday, he had a headache, hurt all over, and a cough. The next day he was fine, but I was sick, achey all over, very low fever, just under 100, and the cough too, now my 23 month old has a fever of 103.2 and is coughing. Their doctor says only call if they have trouble breathing, they aren’t testing for the h1n1 virus, and we don’t need the tamiflu. Just treat the symptoms. I’m pretty sure it’s the swine flu! I’m in northeast Ohio, does anyone know if it’s around here and not the regular flu? Why isn’t the doctor taking it seriously?


i have 5 of these symptoms what should i do


i have all these symptoms, i was fevering 103 from thursday to sunday, along with head ache and trouble breathing the works i still am sick with a extremely sore throat and chest, the fever has gone but all the other symptoms stay,
hospitals will not test anymore for h1n1 here in alberta so there is no way of knowing what i got. i feel like walking death, and untill i stop breathing medical help is not going to happen.


Do you need to have all of the symptoms? I’m just really stuffed up with nasal congestion but no fever, coughing, sore throat, etc…? Thanks!


okay well i have a mild fever for the past couple of days, bad runny nose and nasel conjestions, nausea, chills, HEADACHE, dizzy, lack of appitite, chest cough,sore throat with swollen tonsels, and i feel horrible, is this H1N1?


I had all most every thing but the sore throat, chest pain, cough and vomiting. i was told i had a rare strain of the h1n1 they told me conseder my self lucky.i was told to get the shot and was sent home. for the next to week\’s i felt dead to the world i wanted to dig a hole and be covered up. i had got sick in the middel of augest when every thing had just started coming out. for every one out there just hold on you will beat it. eat health lot\’s of fluid\’s and you will do it i\’m 18 and i did it i kept fighting it all the way


i dont have h1n1 but it is in my town claremont, new hampshire but i was wonderig if you can die from it my teacher has told me that its just like a normal flu but other people think that they are goin to die from it if you reply to I really need information about this before my family gets it


@Jess from 25Oct

Advil is ibuprofen which does not cause Reyes Syndrome. Giving ASPIRIN to a child with a fever may cause Reyes syndrome, giving ADVIL to a child with a fever will reduce the fever and aches but will NOT cause Reyes Syndrome.

Another thing that came to mind….Please do not tell me how to vote if you are not a citizen of the United States of America and have no experience with our health care system.


i have a 16year old brother, it was about two days ago he woke up in the morning he was fine, but school had took him to the hospital because had normal fever. but in the evening his temperature went upto 110 degrees this yesterday. as per now he is feeling alright doctors have asked him to stay home for a week. But the only thing bothering me is that the paper in which doctor has asked him to take him a weeks leave, at the bottom also say “Suspected case of H1N1″. this what freaking me out… please let me know that if its preventable… i am waiting for your response.

Thank you


day 1 nausea, chills, slight temp
day 2 nausea, chills, temp
day 3 nausea, chills, 100o temp
no energy, feel bad allover
no cough, slight runny nose
age 67
Is it h1n1????
need to go take care of 4yr old twins..should I go?


i’m a 16 year old girl.. till day before yesterday i had no problems.. but from school i started feeling as if i’m not well.. 3 of my frnds were suffering from fever..after reaching home i was not even able to get up…i went to doctor.. she said that i must be carefull coz der is a chance of h1n1..nd i hv got all the symptoms mentioned above.. but now i’m a bit ok… what should i do?


I got sick the first week of school, back in September. Fever, nasal congestion, sore throat, aches and pains, everything. Then I decided to be stupid and go to school, and cross country practice and meets in the freezing cold, and I am only just getting better now.. TWO WHOLE MONTHS LATER…I would get slightly better, then go to practice or a meet and get sick again. Then last Wednesday I woke up feeling horrible with a very nasty sounding cough and chest pain, so I went to the doctor and got tests done. They didn’t exactly say I had swine flu, but they said my “white blood cell count was very high”, indicating that I had been suffering from a virus for the past little while…does that not scream H1N1??

anyways, the bottom line is, IF YOU ARE SICK, STAY HOME!!! I dont care who you are. I am in high school, grade 12, probably the most crucial time to do well in school and get my best marks in order to get into the university program I want. But I bet you any money if I hadn’t taken those few days off last week, I would still be sick. I feel much better now, still very very tired, but no other symptoms.


I dont have the H1N1 flu symptoms but i was wondering if anyone in my family does get it what should i do to keep safe? will they need to be in the hospital? How do we keep it from spreding? I would like to know ASAP thank u!


I have MS. About 2 months ago I thought I was coming down with something; tired, achy, headache, cough, then it kinda went away except for-my stomach was so tender and I felt for a month as though I wanted to vomit.
At the same time, I got a sore throat, fever, had trouble taking a deep breath, also for the past 2 months I have had the sniffles off and on, and now I fall asleep without even knowing I do it.
Now, having MS, you are tired. This is different. I fall asleep in mid conversation and don’t know it.
I don’t have direaha, although I feel as though I should.
I have been taking Vit. D to help give me more energy but to no avail.
I have a call into my Neurologist to find out if this could be related to my MS or, after reading all the symptoms of H1N1 if this could be that.


Day 1- nasal congestion, fatigue, cough
Day 2- nasal congestion, fatigue,cough
Day 3- 100.3 Fever, extreme fatigue, chills, body aches, no appetite,cough
Day 4- 101.8 Fever, extreme fatigue, chills, body aches, no appetite, cough
Day 5- 102.8 Fever, extreme fatigue, body sweats & aches, no appetite, cough
Day 6- 98.9 Fever, fatigue, increased cough, body sweats & aches, runny nose!!
Day 7- avg. Temp, fatigue, body aches, bad cough
Day 8- avg. temp, fatigue, body aches, bad cough, vomiting, diarrhea
Day 9- fatigue, bad cough…getting better :D Finally

Just when you think it’s leaving, it comes back once more, but now I can feel that I am really getting better.


I would also like to add headaches to my list.


I got over the swine flu. Got tested and did have it… honestly I was pretty sick fever spiked at 104.5, but it was no worse than the norwalk I had last year.. don’t stress …


I am pretty sure my son and I had H1N1. We stayed in our house a full week. We had fevers up to 104. We got a cough the first day (before the fever) that was so shallow, it sounded phoney. He told me he was sick and didn’t want to go to school, then did the *phoney* cough. I didn’t buy it, until 2 days later when I had the same shallow, weak cough. The fever hit byu that night. The rest of the week is a blur, honestly. It really does go for the respitory. I have never had a flu like that before. Usually I get diarreah, achey bones etc, but this was all in my chest, and it was scary. You could feel the pain in your lungs. I would also get pains in my left chest (near my heart?!). Honestly we drank ALOT of peppermint teas because I felt the hot, mint and decaf would be best. We took ALOT of vitamin c’s(ate tons of garlic too lol), I had to be careful with the d’s. I also went and got vitamin E because I believe it also helps to repair bodily damage.
We had to go out twice about 3 days after fever, ran out of milk and bread. It would kick us in the ass so hard when we were out. At home you feel utter cabin fever!!! Now, I have a daughter who is 2, and she hasn’t caught this, not has my husband. My husband ran out and got the shot before there was a priority. So, I am thinking he missed out from immunity.. but my girl???!!! I think she was going through a growth spurt right then, because she was sleeping sooo much…. let’s hope hey?! It’s a good week of bed rest… and I still can’t go to they gym because I can still feel my lungs are working to repair… Listen to your body if you have this, I can see how people are dying because my family and I are 100% healthy no health troubles….




I have had diarrhea for the past few days but I feel fine. Could I possibly be a carrier?


I rarely get headaches and I got the worst headache of my life Sat. and felt sick. I have had a sore through,diareha, nasal issues, chills, and shortness of breath. I had these symptoms about a month ago and my sore throat was really bad. It went away and now I have the same symptoms as before and was wondering if I should get checked out. I don’t go to the dr. for every cold but was wondering if I should get checked out. And this was the first time I have ever gotten a migraine this bad. What should I do?


I have fever up to 39.7 degrees Celsius, sore throat and very bad cough. I also have chills when the temperature rises. I took the fast test for H1N1 yesterday and it was positive. Other members of my family could already have had the flu without actually knowing it. They had normal fever, but they had headache and cough (my mother) , diarrhea and chills (my father). Could that have been the flu?


I just got The H1N1 Vac. at my job on thursday was fine and healthy
before I got it,About 30 mins after that I started sneazing uncontrolabily now it is saturday my ears are ringing nose won’t quit running,still sneazing and I’m miserable. Do you thing this has anything to do with the shot


I just saw another story about an H1N1 Flu death. Looks like it hasn’t gone away.

David Pecora Junior
October 17th, 2010 at 3:42 pm

I have had all those symtoms including the bowel and vomiting problems. It just keeps getting worse. I have had it for three weeks now. I have not been tested for the swine flu cause my doctor says it is not necessary. Now I am out of work and can barely walk or breath at all. What should I do?


My little girl of 7 months has been struggling with flu and bronchitis this whole winter. Now she has a runny tummy, but this could be because of the antibiotics, teething or her still getting used to some solid foods. The docter didn’t pick up anything with our last vistit 2 days ago – should I insist on blood tests?


Hey, has anyone seen a rise in H1N1 cases this fall?

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